Writing an All-Inclusive Research Paper Outline

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Are you struggling to come up with the right research paper outline? This article will help you learn how to develop the right research paper outline.

Step by Step Guide to Writing your Research Paper Outline

A research paper is a paper that requires students to present their research and writing skills. Research papers are aimed to help you develop your critical thinking and information analysis skills to present a high-quality academic paper that meets certain requirements provided by your teachers. As you may already know, to professional essay writers a research paper, there are certain steps you need to follow through. They include:

  • Carry out preliminary research
  • Choose a paper topic
  • Carry out in-depth research into the topic
  • Create a paper outline
  • Start writing the first draft
  • Format the paper
  • Proofread and edit

These steps are simple enough to follow. Up to carrying out research and identifying a suitable topic, most students are not sure how to write a research paper outline for their assignments. This is a common challenge for students from many different learning institutions worldwide and as such needs to be addressed. Writing a research paper outline is a challenge that most students have to learn to overcome because it is part and parcel of the learning process.

Steps to Writing your Research Paper Outline

A research paper is a reflection of your position or takes on a certain subject that is supported by various points throughout the paper. The outline of your paper is a plan that is designed to help you place all the important point in the right sections and also allow you to better schedule your time. You can view it as the foundation on which you build your paper. Teachers will often encourage students to use the 5-paragraph format for all your research paper assignments. What this means is that the paper is divided into three sections he introduction, body, and conclusion. Below is a more detailed representation of a basic research paper outline:

  • Introduction

This is the section where you introduce the audience to what your paper is all about, and also provide a hook that will capture the reader’s attention. Finally, close your introduction paragraph with a thesis statement stating the main idea of the paper and the topic.

  • Body

In this section, you should provide all your arguments, whether in support of your thesis statement. You are required to provide a minimum of 3 paragraphs for a basic research paper, i.e., not less than three arguments to support your thesis. You should make sure that all the points are flowing with the use of transitions between each paragraph.

  • Conclusion

This is the section where you now summarize all the main points of the research and provide recommendations about the results of the research you carried out. Here you can also include a call to action as your final statement.

As you can see, the research paper outline is quite easy to adapt to your research paper requirements and follow through, and in no time, you will be well on your way to writing high-quality research papers.