Specifications & Technical Data

Technical Specifications of John Deere 8970

Technical Specifications of John Deere 8970 4WD 1993-1996

Specifications & Technical Data of the John Deere 8970 tractor are on this page. Drived by diesel, it is the number of cylinders for a better work culture, the volume of nominal working business at an ideal level, the turbo motor, fresher air end, 12V typical of boot, the large battery of 24V,The rather typical lighting, very good power, brake without power, disk, wet work, very heavy tractor, decidedly difficult terrain, long, voluminous, 4WD, with the distribution of dynamic power between axes,Hydrostatic control, gearbox with Synchro, a large number of gears forward, the classic reversing number

 Specifications & Technical Data of the John Deere 8970
Version of the model:
 Drive:4 Wheel drive
Production year:
 Type:4 stroke Direct injection
 Engine cooled:water cooled
 Intercooled:Air cooled
 Compression ratio:14.0:1
 Gross:298.30Kw / 400.02Hp
 Power at:2100rpm
 Bore:139.70mm / 5.50Inch
 Stroke:152.40mm / 6.00Inch
 Displacement:14,016cm³ / 855ci³
Electrical system:
Power source:
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump:
 Type:Closed-centre, pressure/flow compensated
 Main pump:126.00L/m / 33.29gpm
Hydraulic pressure:
 Working hydraulics:175.00Bar / 17.50Mpa
Transmission & speed:
 Make:John Deere
 Powertrain:4 Wheel Drive
 Gears:Syncro semie-powershift
 Forward gears:12
 Reverse gears:4
Travel speed:
 max first gear:3.20km/h / 1.99mph
 Maximum speed:30.00km/h / 18.64mph
Optional transmissie:
 Gears:2 speed powershift
 Forward gears:24
 Reverse gears:6
2e optional transmissie:
 Type:full powershift
 Forward gears:12
 Reverse gears:12
Power takeoff:
 Power:252.80Kw / 339.00Hp
 PTO speed:1000rpm
Braking system:
 Service brake:Hydraulic wet disc
Service refill capacities:
 Fuel tank:835.00L / 220.61US gal
 Engine oil:34.10L / 36.05US guart
 Coolant system engine:68.10L / 71.99US guart
Transport dimensions:
 Length:6,830mm / 269Inch
Wheels & tyres:
Tire size:
 Front:30.5 R32
 Rear:30.5 R32
 Length:3,400.00mm / 133.86Inch
 Steering system:Hydrostatic
Turning radius:
 Outside of tire:4,420mm / 174Inch
Lifting capacity:
 Lift capacity rear:6,796kg / 14,951Lbs
 Shipping weight:14,460.00kg / 31,812.00Lbs
Operating weight:
 Operating weight:15,265kg / 33,583Lbs
Sound levels:
 Interior Cab:74dB(A)
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