John Deere 8970 AC problems Problems
John Deere 8970 A/C problems
We have had A / C in our 8970 since we got the tractor. It has 8,000 hours of operation and about 5,000 have been done with the air conditioning running
john deere 8970 overheating fan clutch Problems
John Deere 8970 overheating- fan clutch
My John Deere 8970 has been running hotter than usual this spring … so yesterday, it got hot enough to activate the red stop engine light. I’
John Deere 8970 tractor for sale Problems
John Deere 8970 starting problem
My 8970 just starts but won’t start, I’ve never had any problems until now. Most likely it is related to fuel. The first thing to check is
chrome bxjc4dYJlb Problems
John Deere 8970 ECM repair
We bought a somewhat loveless 8970 last year to give us some extra tractor for harrowing and such. Anyway it was put on the grain wagon last fall and it
John Deere 8970 transmission problem Problems
John Deere 8970 transmission problem
The 24 speed transmission for some reason got very hot this morning. The first thing I noticed was that I lost the odd gears, but I was still pulling the
John Deere 8970 Fuel Problems Problems
John Deere 8970 Fuel Problems
The 8970 started working yesterday, thought it was the fuel filter, changed it.The problem was fixed for an hour or so and then started again.
John Deere 8970 cooling problem Problems
John Deere 8970 cooling problem
I just bought an 8970 with about 5500 hours. using it to pull a 730b ecolo-tiger with lead stems. i thought i should be able to shoot b2, but it ran a
john deere 8970 converting to a mechanical fuel pump Problems
John Deere 8970 converting to a mechanical fuel pump
Someone here wants to tell me how to do this. I want to get rid of this pesky electronic fuel delivery system and go to the mechanic like the 8960 had.
John Deere 8970 1995 Problems
John Deere 8970 steering issues
I have problems with this tractor when you turn it occasionally. It acts like it doesn’t have power steering only a few times. He usually has no
john deere 8970 shutting down Problems
John Deere 8970 shutting down
I have an old 8970 that has just started randomly shutting down while it is working. It does not do it when it is cold, only after about 50 minutes of