John Deere 8970 starting problem

John Deere 8970 tractor for sale Problems

My 8970 just starts but won’t start, I’ve never had any problems until now.

Most likely it is related to fuel. The first thing to check is if fuel is being returned to the tank while parked, causing air in the fuel line when starting. It can be a bad check valve, etc. Start by getting a garbage bag and an air pistol. Get someone to press the tank down to a few psi with it at the fill opening. This works best if the tank is almost full. A second person can remove the bleed screw above the filter and check for air. Once you’ve gotten all the air out, put the screw back in and it should start right away. You may want to put in a new fuel filter. If the fuel is good check that there is power at the pt pump shutdown solenoid. Are you still using the electronic bomb of the century? If so, is the engine electronics light active on the dash? I have found that it can work fine with the light on and may also not start with the light off. So I wouldn’t rely on light to diagnose the problem. If it’s on you can use it to get fault codes. I converted my 8970’s to a mechanical pt pump after struggling with electronics of the century.

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