John Deere 8970 Fuel Problems

John Deere 8970 Fuel Problems Problems

The 8970 started working yesterday, thought it was the fuel filter, changed it.The problem was fixed for an hour or so and then started again.This time I just emptied the sediment tank and it cleared again for the same amount of time.It progressively got worse and began to empty the bucket next to the injector pump, with similar results until it only worked until the fuel in the bucket next to the pump ran out.When emptying the bucket, it can be re-primed in about 3 pumps from the priming pump, thus ruling out a restriction in the line.Any other idea?

The standard answer in these fuel starvation problems.It costs nothing and only takes a second: When you lose power just stop and loosen the fuel cap, if it is fixed, you have a ventilation problem.

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