John Deere 8970 ECM repair

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We bought a somewhat loveless 8970 last year to give us some extra tractor for harrowing and such. Anyway it was put on the grain wagon last fall and it proved to be a very suitable unit for that purpose. It wasn’t long before I developed a habit of overloading the rpm, it would also just stall without warning, but it would always start right up. It is difficult to unload on the way with what passing: D. With a lot of luck we discovered that by putting pressure with the thumb on the side of the ECM the problems disappeared. You will see in the photos that a hockey puck with two quarters glued to the back and attached with a hose clamp solved our immediate problem. we have run more than two hundred hours this way. my question is has anyone ever sliced ​​the cover off one of these things? I am speculating that it is a lost or broken connection there and maybe …. just maybe it can be carefully fixed. the way it is now works.

It is a box filled with silicone rubber that protects the circuits. You will need a set of special screwdrivers to get there. There’s a potentiometer in there that could be your problem. I started to disassemble mine but decided not to. I ended up unplugging the harness that goes to the fuel rail sensor and it has been working like a top ever since. A new rpm sensor on the cummins side of the wiring, fixed it when it wasn’t slowing down. The problem started with the throttle behaving normally when it was cold or the engine had not fully warmed up. When the machine warmed up, usually after working for a couple of hours, it didn’t slow down. After a while it just worked full blast, even at boot it would turn on and then hit WOT. What is a group f those things are.

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