John Deere 8970 cooling problem

John Deere 8970 cooling problem Problems

I just bought an 8970 with about 5500 hours. using it to pull a 730b ecolo-tiger with lead stems. i thought i should be able to shoot b2, but it ran a little hotter than i thought i should. I have been reading some of the previous posts and I want to make the right decision. there is no lockout kit sold through JD. the fan rotates quite easily when rotated by hand. Spend the $ 1,000 for a new one? or do i have a solid hub made and get rid of clutch?

Get a new fan impeller, a blocked hub will give the aforementioned problems as well as burning more fuel pulling a fan load @ 50hp. You will pay for a new fan impeller, in fuel or in parts.

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