John Deere 8970 change to mechanical fuel pump

john deere 8970 change to mechanical fuel pump Problems

I have a John Deere 8970 that has done an ECM on the fuel pump. I have found that only Cummins does this part and that they know it, and they charge $ 9000 AUD for a new one. I bought the tractor for 40k – I don’t feel like spending 25% of its value on a part that is also prone to failure. I have been told that you can turn the Cummins engine into a mechanical pump and put a cable on the throttle. Has anyone done this or has any experience in what I need to know to do this?

Yes, you can order throttle cable and brackets for an 8960, contact your diesel pump shop with your cpl and tell them what you want the CV set on. The one I did last year we set it to 400. The owner couldn’t get over how well it worked after being mechanically governed.

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