John Deere 8970 A/C problems

John Deere 8970 AC problems Problems

We have had A / C in our 8970 since we got the tractor. It has 8,000 hours of operation and about 5,000 have been done with the air conditioning running part-time or not working at all. Enough is enough, we have to do something if we are to maintain this tractor. We have done so many things so far that I cannot remember them all but some of the things we have done are: we have been through several different compressors, it has been loaded many times, several switches, a new dryer two years ago, we have the compressor in manual control , we have put a fan motor or two in it, and we have cleaned the dirt, etc. We have also removed the venti stuff from the cockpit intake so there is more airflow. Water valves were also installed in the hot water line for the heater to make sure NO water could go back up.

So, as it is now, this is what we have.

A system that works perfectly with a lot of freon, everything seems to work, etc.

Lots of air flow, however the air coming out is * very * hot.

You blow cold air when sitting idle at the headlands, but when you start working cold air is non-existent.

And a very crazy operator depending on who drives it

We reviewed it yesterday and this is what we found.

  • The meters indicated normal and there was a lot of freon.
  • The compressor clutch was engaged.
  • The foam filter on the right side under the dash needed to be replaced.
  • There were tons of corn husks and trash behind the filter that were blown off.
  • Both fans are running and spinning in the correct direction.
  • Now here I think there was our problem the whole time, there was a quarter inch gap between the cabin and the A / C unit! You could almost stick your finger in there since the gasket was gone. I imagine most of our cold air was leaking through this gap, I also think a lot of hot air was coming in here as well. So we untied the air conditioning unit and tilted it away from the cabin and put a lot of silicone around where it meets the cabin, inside and out.
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